Michelle Obama honours the 2017 school counsellor of the year

Adventures in Career Development

Thank you to Wendy Hirsh for alerting me to this speech. It is well worth people who are interested in careers and politics watching.

In her final speech as First Lady speaks about the contribution that school counsellors make to young people and to the nation. Her interest in guidance counselling has been bound up with the Reach Higher initiative which has sought to increase the level of college educated young people in America.

What is most impressive about this speech is the way in which it draws together a vision for progressive America with a commitment to education and views guidance counsellors as key enablers of this.

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Developing a new generation of careers leaders

Adventures in Career Development


We have just published an evaluation of the Teach First Careers and Employability Initiative. I think that this was a very important development as it took some of the thinking that we’d done in the Teachers and Careers report from 2015 and developed a CPD programme to make it a reality.

In our evaluation we describe the three level CDP programme that Teach First for new teachers, existing teachers and those who wish to become careers leaders. We make a number of recommendations, but broadly conclude that the programme was very impactful. At the heart of the impact that the programme  delivered was its capacity to transform the schools that participated. We conclude that this is better understood as a school development programme than as a CPD product (although it is both).

For more information read the evaluation report below.

Hooley, T., Dodd, V. and Shepherd, C. (2016). Developing a New Generation of…

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